House hunting like a real estate pro

House hunting like a real estate pro

The real estate market is a tricky one – you never know if you are making the right choice, your life is full of doubts, you feel uncertain and no matter what decision you make at the end, you feel unsatisfied, believing that there is another apartment bigger than yours for the same price or another house on a better location even cheaper. You take loan and you feel sorry about it, you decide not to go out of your comfort zone and for this reason you live in a home to rent, but you hate it and you never stop complaining. And then a moment comes when you realize that there won’t be a perfect moment for house hunting, for house buying, for mortgaging, life is too short and you should create this moment by yourself. And right here, you feel like you are in the middle of nowhere, having decided to finally make that step and act like a grown-up, to finally buy a place that will soon turn into home, but you are confused and don’t even know what to start with. Luckily, here is the ultimate guide for successful house hunting, the way the real estate pros are doing it and you should trust them for sure.   Read More

You gave up on using guest blogging for SEO

You gave up on using guest blogging for SEO? Think about it again

When you start making research and looking for some marketing methods and techniques online, you soon come across the guest blogging and the truth is that some of the information you could find about it in the web (most of it indeed) does not show this tactic as a good one.

It all started some time ago when Matt Cutt posted an article and stated that guest blogging for SEO is dead.

This was the time when so many people gave up on it, because they were too afraid that their websites could be banned or they won’t have good optimized positions in the search engines. However, this may have been the goal of Cutt, but it achieved absolutely no success. In response to this article many marketing specialists wrote about how ever-lasting this trend is, not only because its popularity, but because of its usefulness as well. And thus they proved Matt Cutt wrong. Read More

Why to choose an eco-friendly end of tenancy cleaning company

Why to choose an eco-friendly end of tenancy cleaning company

If you are reviewing this you might fall under one or both classifications: you would rather have someone else clean your home for you and/or you appreciate the atmosphere and do not intend to add to the poisoning of it. In either case why should you pay someone to clean your property with products that will damage the atmosphere? There is just one earth Earth, right? You have sufficient to stress over. The possibility of you contributing to the contamination of the planet need not be among them. When you determine to call an end of tenancy cleaning service let it be one who is dedicated to environmentally friendly methods and makes use of eco-friendly products in your home. In this article you will discover the benefits of environment-friendly end of tenancy cleaning company and also simply what injury business that are not green are causing after the environment. Read More


Can you clean a messy home without sorting out everything first?

Your home is your castle, your shelter, your favourite place in the world, the one you feel safe in and the one you absolutely adore. However, if you have to be frank, you would directly admit, that you are not a neat freak and you don’t like having everything in every moment perfectly organized. It makes you go mad, that pure organization. You like the mess, the chaos, it inspires you and the situation is not like a bunch of clothes on the floor in the bedroom and piles of stuff in the corners of every room. It just means that your home has its little imperfections you love so much – the shelves have million things on them, with no strict order.

Your bed is a little bit chaotic with blankets, pillows and cushions all over it and so is the sofa. Your night table is full of chocolate bars and books and candles and there is a glass of water and even a plant.

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To save, or to spend

To save, or to spend – that is the question

There is maybe only one thing more eternal than the love in its different dimensions, than the family or the art, or a city like Rome, for instance, and this thing is definitely the money. Oh, yeah, now you all start thinking that you are not one of those who want to be rich and to have a yacht, a luxurious house in every magical city around the world and a plane that will allow you to visit them all. No, you want simple things like love and happiness and calmness. But be honest for a second, and not with me, but with yourself. Read More


The children’s summer vacation heaven – Halkidiki

When I was young and wild, what I was looking for was a summer vacation in a place I could be young and wild, I could have fun – I wanted discos and fancy beaches and other young people to meet and I didn’t want calmness and relax, because I simply didn’t need them – there is charm in youth and in it the desire to prove yourself and the world that you will be forever young, that you are undying, your death – deathless. With the time, however, absolutely logically, I grew up, I graduated a university and started working, I fell in love and started looking at the world through the eyes of my beloved, his happiness was my happiness and we found the joy in the old and ancient places, the lonely beaches, the road trips and a simple shared silence of a park. There is no silence anymore, and anyone who has two little children as wild as I was in my youth could perfectly understand me. So those vacations I relished and worshiped some time ago, were completely unsuitable for my lifestyle now and I started looking for a more family type of holiday. At first we went to hotels with all inclusive, a small beach at the front and nothing more. But one day I found the perfection, I fell in love with a peninsula, with Halkidiki. And when only a couple of weeks later, we arrived in a lovely little town there, the views were breathtaking and I had no single regret. But now you are most probably wondering, how is Halkidiki so different?   Read More


Why hiring a real estate agent made the house hunting much easier

Buying a house is indeed hard, responsible and delicate task and you may somehow succeed doing it all alone, but I find it too stressful and tense to put myself to its inconvenience. I was a little bit scared by the unknown, I didn’t know what to look for, where and how, I definitely needed some help and I decided to hire a real estate agent. I can genuinely say now that this was one of the best decisions in my life, because instead of tiring and boring house hunting experience, I had an enthusiastic, exciting and lovely one.

And I believe that to some extent it was all because of the wonderful real estate agent I worked with. And what he could offer is indeed precious.   Read More


The pre-renting questions you need to ask yourself

You are about to rent a property, which you will then turn into a magnificent sweet and cozy home, but no matter how enthusiastic you are now, it is still a hard task for you, because of the many things you have to carefully consider and the responsibility you have to bear. Rent agreements, inventory checklist, end of tenancy cleanings and landlord approvals – all these things make you nervous and a little bit scared. However, if you ask yourself these few question, everything will seem much simpler.   Read More


The lovely white sofa and its not so lovely clean-up

The white sofa is the most beautiful jewel in your collection of furniture, but also your worst nightmare. Yeah, the living room is magnificent and impressive – white sofa and colorful walls, pillows as accents and beautiful somethings which are the right details needed for a flawless appearance of this lovely and cozy place. But when the time for the regular spring or fall cleaning comes, you go mad and start having panic attacks, because this thing is so hard to maintain. Oh, the last time you saw it in its full brilliance was when you fell in love with it in the store and decided to buy it. Since then you have s strange love-hate relationship and in this particular moment, you are about to clean it up and you abhor it so damn much. However, you should perform the cleaning and you cannot waste some more time, so you better start.

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Why do you make cleaning your house so

Why do you make cleaning your house so hard?

You are always complaining, because you have to spend too large amount of time cleaning at the weekend and you even become antisocial – going to work through the week and not being able to meet your friends on Saturday or Sunday. You are getting angry at commercials showing smiley happy people who clean with pleasure and passion, while you are all grumpy and cannot wait to finish with all these stupid stuff and finally go out. But why are you always so negative? Have you thought for a second that maybe you make cleaning so damn hard? If you take care of your home constantly, you will be amazed by the fact how fast you can be ready with every kind of cleaning even with the spring and the end of tenancy one. Read More