To save, or to spend – that is the question

There is maybe only one thing more eternal than the love in its different dimensions, than the family or the art, or a city like Rome, for instance, and this thing is definitely the money. Oh, yeah, now you all start thinking that you are not one of those who want to be rich and to have a yacht, a luxurious house in every magical city around the world and a plane that will allow you to visit them all. No, you want simple things like love and happiness and calmness. But be honest for a second, and not with me, but with yourself. You study more and more so that you can have a high-quality education that will assure you a well-paid job that will infuse money in your bank account monthly and thus you will be able to have the lifestyle you have always dreamed about. And no matter how unmaterialistic you think you are, in the harsh reality we are all so dependent on money that we are ready to sell even ourselves in some weird way – we sell our time, our abilities, our attention and even our bodies. But, OK, you have done all the things needed to have a great busy challenging job with a great salary as well. And now there is another question bothering you: to save or to spend?

What is the money in fact? It is a medium of exchange. You do what you’re asked to and you are paid for it. Then you consequently pay to buy a new dress, a new car, a new house or a simple ice-cream. But could the money earned with so many efforts be spent so easily? There are people who believe that they won’t live forever (well, they are right) and that saving money for the future is completely useless. And they buy and spend and live happily and carelessly because they do not care it they have 1000 or 10 000 £ in their bank account, as soon as they have booked a flight to Abu Dhabi and they eat their dinner on the top of the highest building in the world with the most exciting and amazing view that can exist on Earth. Well, yeah, spending brings pleasure and satisfaction. And in the simplest situation the 10£ bank-note will never make you as happy as 10 ice-creams shared with your friends. Money brings experience.

But if you have that kind of lifestyle, you are practically living on the edge, playing with fire, because the lack of money in your bank account brings uncertainty. And what if you get ill, or you somehow lose your job and you cannot find another one in the next few months, and even worse what if you lose your house? So the rule is so simple: find the balance between the spending and the saving and find the pleasure in both of them, because life is our perception of the reality. Make it worth it.