You gave up on using guest blogging for SEO? Think about it again

When you start making research and looking for some marketing methods and techniques online, you soon come across the guest blogging and the truth is that some of the information you could find about it in the web (most of it indeed) does not show this tactic as a good one.

It all started some time ago when Matt Cutt posted an article and stated that guest blogging for SEO is dead.

This was the time when so many people gave up on it, because they were too afraid that their websites could be banned or they won’t have good optimized positions in the search engines. However, this may have been the goal of Cutt, but it achieved absolutely no success. In response to this article many marketing specialists wrote about how ever-lasting this trend is, not only because its popularity, but because of its usefulness as well. And thus they proved Matt Cutt wrong.

But for what reason you should start guest posting again, if you have once given up? Let’s start with the fact that this is the best way ever to increase your traffic and to extend your reach. Only using guest blogging what you want to promote can reach far bigger audience and you may develop some relationships, which in the business of 21. Century is more than advantageous. And as you know why, you should do it, you have to learn how. You may know that nowadays it’s a too strenuous task for an unprofessional, because only a marketing specialist can write a purposeful and interesting article, which is what people like and which contains relevant links only. No one other but an expert could post it in a blog with perfect technical parameters, which he will then maintain daily, and again he only, would take care of the social sharing needed. The result is impressive and you don’t using this marketing tool – totally insane.