Can you clean a messy home without sorting out everything first?

Your home is your castle, your shelter, your favourite place in the world, the one you feel safe in and the one you absolutely adore. However, if you have to be frank, you would directly admit, that you are not a neat freak and you don’t like having everything in every moment perfectly organized. It makes you go mad, that pure organization. You like the mess, the chaos, it inspires you and the situation is not like a bunch of clothes on the floor in the bedroom and piles of stuff in the corners of every room. It just means that your home has its little imperfections you love so much – the shelves have million things on them, with no strict order.

Your bed is a little bit chaotic with blankets, pillows and cushions all over it and so is the sofa. Your night table is full of chocolate bars and books and candles and there is a glass of water and even a plant.

They are not arranged perfectly, but here is hidden their unbelievably gorgeous charm. Everything makes you feel comfortable and the one and only problem is the cleaning. What everything would tell you, what every cleaning routine starts with and what is considered as absolutely obligatory is the decluttering, the sorting out. What they all say is that you cannot clean a house, unless you take care of all those little things that it is full with. But is it true? Is it?

Well, for sure, cleaning an empty shelf is way easier than cleaning one with frames and books and boxes, with lights and decorations, bowls and souvenirs. Every practical person would tell you to have no open shelving at all. But it is so boring, this option that you may decide not to listen to those recommendation at all. Luckily here is the ultimate cleaning tip, the advice from one of the best cleaners in London. Take a look at it and try it on the instant:


“What the hell should I do?”, you are most probably thinking now. Well, have you noticed that your vacuum-cleaner comes with some attachments? Yeah, those you paid no attention to and put in the storage right when you got it. These same attachments, which you have neglected for so long, are indeed the key for a perfect regular cleaning. What you need to do is find the most convenient one, the most useful and efficient and then toy start cleaning every shelf and surface, every place at home, without having to rearrange everything. This will save you time and energy, efforts and nowadays these things are pretty precious. However, you better know in advance that this option is the best one for your everyday cleaning, because it helps you remove the so annoying and abhorred dust. For an end of tenancy cleaning or a spring or fall one, you will need a lot more so that you can perfect your home.