Top tips on how to deal with carpet stains

Carpets need regular attention and care in order to keep them in good condition for longer. Daily usage can cause stains and dirt, which if left untreated can stain the fabrics and the carpet would become unusable. Many of us find are too lazy to move furniture around in order to clean properly and often we overlook the cleanliness of the carpets. However, carpet cleaning doesn’t have to take too much time.

Read my tips on how to maintain the cleanliness of your carpet with these easy techniques.
These tips are provided by London Cleaning Solution – The End of Tenancy Cleaning in London

Use natural products

I personally prefer using natural products when I have to clean my house so the same goes for my carpet. My daughter is allergic to strong chemicals and I have to be careful when I choose the products I am going to use on the carpet. Probably most of you have heard that tonic water or soda water are really useful when tackling coffee stains however, if you don’t have either of them you can simply use salt. It is great for soaking up freshly appeared stains and removing dirt. Baking soda is great at absorbing the nasty smells that come from the dirt collected in the fibres. Even though these home remedies for fresh and bright carpet are harmless, it is always advisable to test a small area of the carpet before you apply on stains.

Handy tricks for removing stains

If your guests have an accident and spill their coffee or even worse their red wine or your kids have decided to practice art on the carpet with crayons, then it is best to tackle the stains immediately before they set into the fibres. Remember to never wipe the stains but rather blot them. Click To Tweet This will prevent the dirt from settling deeper in the fibres. If you find yourself dealing with a gum stuck to the carpet or any other sticky substance like candy, etc., then the best way of action is to rub it with ice before you try to remove it. This will harden it and will prevent it from further sticking to the fibres. If you have a stain that smells, the best way to get rid of the smell is to treat it with warm water and vinegar (equal parts) and apply the mixture to the stained area using a cloth.

Powder carpet cleaning solution

This is certainly one of the best and most preferred solutions because it cleans the carpet instantaneously and it doesn’t take any time to dry. In order to achieve great results, I recommend sprinkling the powder solution generously all over the carpet and leave it for 30 minutes. The best thing to do is to treat the carpet with the powder overnight so you can do it before you go to bed to give it time to work its magic in the night – soften stains and removing odors. Once you are done, you can simply vacuum the powder and your carpet will be clean and fresh.

Carpet shampoo solution

This is probably the most used carpet cleaning method as people believe that nothing gets rid of stains like a good scrub with shampoo solution. If you have chosen to use shampoo for your carpet cleaning, make sure that you carefully follow the instructions on the label. Treat the carpet with the solution but make sure you don’t wet it more than necessary because this will significantly increase the time it needs to dry. Scrub with a hard-bristled cleaning brush and after the carpet has dried completely, vacuum the dried up shampoo.

Carpet cleaning doesn’t have to be difficult if you know how to do it. Click To TweetFollow these tips for perfect results and you will always have a nice and fresh carpet.