The harsh cleaning reality or why hiring a cleaning company is the right choice

It’s a nice sunny Saturday morning and you have decided that today you can start with the spring cleaning or the end of tenancy one. You are positive that in this wonderful day absolutely nothing can go wrong.

hNo, you were optimistic only for the first five minutes, until you realized you don’t have even one detergent, whose expiration date hasn’t come yet. So now you not only have to throw them away like throwing away tens of pounds, but you also have to go to the supermarket and buy new ones. Let’s assume that you are still calm getting into the car and quickly reaching your target because in the weekend the traffic is low as we know, your mood is surely going to change when you see the endless queue of people who decided that there’s no better time for shopping than the Saturday morning. Ok, you are waiting patiently people with full of goods carts so as only to pay for the three cleaning products you’ve chosen and just then you could go back to your car and drive home.

It’s not quite early anymore and now you know that you better get started. So you get the windows cleaning product and the wet clout and after you have washed only the one half of the window, you realize that you need a chair and some climbing skills you unfortunately don’t have so as to proceed. So holding on the windows’ frame with one hand and trying to wash the glass with the other, your legs start shaking and your patience is running out. You are still looking like a squirrel, too concentrated to notice the absurdity of the whole situation, when one of your kids comes complaining of something or simply wanting a lunch. Ok, let’s say that the windows are done. Well, they are not cleaned, but your kids are not fed as well – so, priorities.

Only while preparing the second meal of the day, you realize how dirty the oven is and you are all set to try one of the “magical” products you bought earlier. The children are eating and you have put half of your body in the oven so as to reach every part. Let’s admit that that could somehow work, if, however, the awful smell doesn’t cause you bronchitis or even kill your family.

It’s 4 p.m. and you have just put the kids in bed when already pissed you think of what you can clean now – obviously you cannot use the noisy vacuum-cleaner, you cannot tidy the nursery and you end up with a wet clout and a microfiber cloth trying to get rid of the dust – unsuccessfully, of course, because this stupid thing is immortal.

The only good thing of the whole day spent cleaning is the moment you decide to grab a glass of wine, to sit on the sofa, enjoy the lovely evening of this awful day and look for the best cleaning company in London – the one that won’t convince you how pleasant the cleaning is. Bullshit.