The lovely white sofa and its not so lovely clean-up

The white sofa is the most beautiful jewel in your collection of furniture, but also your worst nightmare. Yeah, the living room is magnificent and impressive – white sofa and colorful walls, pillows as accents and beautiful somethings which are the right details needed for a flawless appearance of this lovely and cozy place. But when the time for the regular spring or fall cleaning comes, you go mad and start having panic attacks, because this thing is so hard to maintain. Oh, the last time you saw it in its full brilliance was when you fell in love with it in the store and decided to buy it. Since then you have s strange love-hate relationship and in this particular moment, you are about to clean it up and you abhor it so damn much. However, you should perform the cleaning and you cannot waste some more time, so you better start.

Better hire SYK Professional Cleaning Company


I know that the whole cleaning thing is too annoying and therefore you don’t do it on a daily basis, but there are still some tricks that will make its look better. One option is to have a wonderful white, or why nor colorful, blanket and to lay it on the sofa. So when you are sitting there, or you are having a nap, or some guests have come and you are now chilling in the living room, or especially when you have your dinner from a take away box there instead on the dining table, you won’t worry about the sofa and you will be grateful. Another easy and not that time-consuming solution is adding the sofa clean-up in your every week cleaning list – do not be officious, but remove the dust with the vacuum-cleaner and one of its attachments and if you have a steam cleaner you can refresh it quickly and effortlessly.  

Clean in the right moment

Yeah, I know that you had a wonderful calm evening together with your friends chatting and discussing their last trip to Australia and your wedding plans when one of you spilled a glass of wine. Laughing and smiling and having fun you didn’t realize how serious this problem could be and you decided that you will cope with it the next day. A big mistake. There is high chance that the stain will vanish if you clean it with spirit or a colorless alcoholic drink now, but a very low one if you wait till tomorrow.

Just do it

Come on now. I hope that you have taken care of it this whole time and now you won’t need ages. Take a wet clout and carefully go through it without making it too wet, because it won’t be able to dry up and the result would be terrible. Use a fabrics cleaning detergent then and clean the places where there are stains or streaks. The good news is that you may use bleach as well, because on the white surface absolutely nothing can go wrong.