Why do you make cleaning your house so hard?

You are always complaining, because you have to spend too large amount of time cleaning at the weekend and you even become antisocial – going to work through the week and not being able to meet your friends on Saturday or Sunday. You are getting angry at commercials showing smiley happy people who clean with pleasure and passion, while you are all grumpy and cannot wait to finish with all these stupid stuff and finally go out. But why are you always so negative? Have you thought for a second that maybe you make cleaning so damn hard? If you take care of your home constantly, you will be amazed by the fact how fast you can be ready with every kind of cleaning even with the spring and the end of tenancy one.

Clean as you go

“Never leave that till tomorrow, which you can do today.”, said Benjamin Franklin, the man who discovered electricity, a couple hundred years ago. You know you have to trust him and take his advice, while you do not do it even on the lowest level possible – the cleaning. And it’s is so simple: clean the shower after you’ve had one, wash the dishes just after dinner, take care of the oven while you are cooking. Don’t leave it till tomorrow; don’t turn your home gradually into a mess. Click To TweetThis man discovered the electricity, if you don’t think I’m right, listen to him.

Have a plan

If you don’t clean your home often enough, you definitely make the next cleaning harder by yourself. So there is no need to do it every week, but cleaning from time to time is absolutely insufficient. Make a proper schedule and for instance, clean your entire home once in a month – but do it how it has to be done, do not be in disarray.

Be efficient

Too often you start cleaning in the morning; you wash the windows, change the bed sheets and give up. Yeah, you have done some part of the work, but it’s absolutely not enough. You have already lost your day, so use it properly, be efficient. Don’t get distracted and don’t switch tasks too often. Otherwise you won’t bring to an end anything and you will be disappointed.

Make it fun

First, stop drumming into your head, how awful the cleaning duty is. It’s not. You just have to make it interesting by yourself, make it fun. You can always gather your friends at home – in this way you will clean the whole place faster and you will even have time for a chat and a coffee. If they are busy and you have to do it alone, find some of your favorite songs and listen to them. Music always cheers you up. You can even dance while vacuum-cleaning and laugh and be happy. Have you ever thought that you could be happy while cleaning? You better believe it and stop making this task so hard.