The children’s summer vacation heaven – Halkidiki

When I was young and wild, what I was looking for was a summer vacation in a place I could be young and wild, I could have fun – I wanted discos and fancy beaches and other young people to meet and I didn’t want calmness and relax, because I simply didn’t need them – there is charm in youth and in it the desire to prove yourself and the world that you will be forever young, that you are undying, your death – deathless. With the time, however, absolutely logically, I grew up, I graduated a university and started working, I fell in love and started looking at the world through the eyes of my beloved, his happiness was my happiness and we found the joy in the old and ancient places, the lonely beaches, the road trips and a simple shared silence of a park. There is no silence anymore, and anyone who has two little children as wild as I was in my youth could perfectly understand me. So those vacations I relished and worshiped some time ago, were completely unsuitable for my lifestyle now and I started looking for a more family type of holiday. At first we went to hotels with all inclusive, a small beach at the front and nothing more. But one day I found the perfection, I fell in love with a peninsula, with Halkidiki. And when only a couple of weeks later, we arrived in a lovely little town there, the views were breathtaking and I had no single regret. But now you are most probably wondering, how is Halkidiki so different?  

What I experienced before with my then 5-year old child was the hell itself. We were spending our holiday in a lovely, luxurious and popular resort in France. The hotel had everything someone could need, but not everything a kid needs. The days spent at the beach were tragic – the water too cold for the little one to swim, the sand completely unsuitable for any kind of castle building or another play, the sunbeams bright, but the wind cold and we all ending up around the pool with a grumpy little one, who constantly complains stating that this is the worst holiday ever.

In Halkidiki we rented an apartment – not too fancy, but new and in a flawless condition. Our days were delightfully spent at the beach – the still and warm sea was the perfect place for the children to learn to swim, we were calm and could chill, because the kids were so joyfully happy – running around, going in the sea and coming back, playing with sand and stones and shells, swimming, jumping, screaming and singing. This place is their place – they need nothing more and you better realize it sooner, because just like the happiness of my husband was my happiness then, the happiness of my children makes my days brighter, my heart full of joy and my soul completely at ease. Life is simple and nice and the perfection is locked between the salty kisses and the wide smiles.